All the products presented on DOMAGIC are covered, in addition to the legal guarantee of conformity (click to learn more>), by a commercial guarantee whose duration (expressed in years) is mentioned on each product sheet.

We want to guarantee the long life of our solutions, while at the same time ensuring you get the maximum benefits from choosing a high quality lighting product. The special guarantee enjoyed by our products substantially enriches our offer and ensures you maximum peace of mind, in addition to the security of seeing the value of your purchase fully preserved over time.

Warranty conditions

The operation of the guarantee is subject to compliance with the conditions of use. The warranty period starts from the invoice date.
The object of the guarantee is exclusively the product sold on DOMAGIC. Ancillary costs such as, for example, labor costs and / or product installation or uninstallation are not covered by the warranty.

Warranty replacement

To take advantage of the warranty replacement, you will simply need to keep the invoice and open a warranty replacement request following the instructions on this page.

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