LED Tube T8 13W 90cm

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CCT Lumen lm Efficiency lm/W  
3000K (Warm white) 1260 97 €3.89
4000K (Neutral white) 1350 104 €3.89
6000K (Cool daylight) 1350 104 €3.89

Weight 230 g
Size mm ∅ 26×895
LED W 13
CCT 3000K (Warm white)
Lumen lm 1260
Beam angle 180
CRI >80
Base G13
Warranty 3 years
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With 120cm LED Tube T8 you can easily renew the old ceiling lights with fluorescent tubes (neon) 90cm by a quick and easy replacement. In this way, you can equip yourself with the latest LED technology, reducing costs and achieving extraordinary energy savings.
The 90cm LED Tube is the safest, simplest and most green solution for modern lighting needs. The product is made with the best materials and is designed to ensure high performance with an exceptional life span.
It is the ideal product for general lighting of offices, warehouses, supermarkets, etc. The 13W T8 LED Tube is perfectly compatible with any system equipped with G13 connection. The installation of the tube requires only the removal of the electronic or ferromagnetic reactor, without the need to remove the starter. This T8 tube from is compatible with all 90cm ceiling lights and must be powered with the normal voltage of 220V.

Warm white, neutral white or ultra cold white light?

The 13W T8 LED Tube is available in three color temperatures expressed in Kelvin: warm white, neutral white and ultra cool white.
The warm temperature gives the rooms a more welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, the neutral temperature gives a greater brightness and raises the levels of attention, being particularly suitable for the lighting of studios and offices.
The ultra-cold temperature causes a further increase in brightness and stimulates reactivity: it is the ideal choice for warehouses, laboratories and areas where precision activities are carried out.


  • 3 year warranty
  • Input voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Energy savings of over 55%
  • Rapidity and simplicity of installation: LED tube compatible with all systems equipped with G13 connection
  • High lumens (> 104 lm/W)
  • No maintenance costs thanks to exceptional durability (> 40,000 hours)
  • 90cm 13W T8 tube with pure aluminum heat sink and integrated professional driver
  • Light without UV and infrared rays
  • Suitable for intensive use
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