LED Tube T5 HO 25W 150cm (e-ballast compatible) 150lm/W

LED Tube T5 150cm compatible with electronic ballast: 25W and 3750 lumen (150lm/W)

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Weight 400 g
Size mm ∅ 23×1448
LED W 25
CCT 4000K (Neutral white)
Lumen lm 3750
Beam angle 130
CRI >80
Base G5
Warranty 5 years

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T5 LED Tube 150cm: 150 lm/W and compatibility with electronic ballast

T5 High Output Plug&Play is the technological solution able to ensure drastic energy savings and eliminate installation costs.
In addition, to achieving a very high level of efficiency, T5 HO P&P is compatible with systems equipped with an electronic ballast. It will be sufficient to replace the old fluorescent tube with the new T5 P&P without the need to eliminate the electronic ballast and the starter.
T5 HO P&P are particularly suitable in projects with indirect lighting and for the lighting of large spaces.

No installation cost

Simply remove the old fluorescent tubes and replace them directly with the new high performances T5 tube. With this solution it is possible to replace the inefficient 80W T5 fluorescent tubes in a simple and direct way, achieving savings of over 69% and a very significant increase in lighting.


It is the ideal product for general lighting of warehouses, offices, supermarkets, etc. This 23W LED tube is perfectly compatible with any system equipped with G5 connection. The installation of these items does not require the removal of the electronic ballast or of the starter. Simply rotate the old tube from the attachments and put the new one. The lamp is compatible with the totality of the 150cm G5 ceiling fixtures.

LED Vs Neon

LED technology is really efficient, especially when compared to old fluorescent technology. In fact, the old neon, in addition to absorbing a lot of energy, have another strong disadvantage: from the moment of purchase it is possible to notice the rapid decay of the luminous flux. In a few months the amount of light can also be reduced by 20% -25%, as can be seen a degradation of the color temperature. LED technology does not present these disadvantages and inefficiencies and is therefore ideal for the efficiency of old systems. In addition, LED tubes do not emit direct light in any direction, but only where it is really needed. This is translated into a further element of efficiency that is immediately evident to anyone in every application.

Technical features:

  • 5 years warranty
  • LED tube T5 150cm directly installable and compatible with electronic ballast
  • Alternative product to 80W T5 HO LED tubes – energy savings of over 69%
  • T5 LED tube with very high luminous efficiency (>150 lm/W)
  • No need maintenance
  • Satin lens and aluminum heat sink
  • Light without UV and infrared rays
  • Product suitable for intensive use
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