LED Strips 3030 17.2W/m 24V Nichia 149lm/W Ra>90

LED Strip 3030 17.2W/m 149lm/W Ra>90 (Nichia SMD LED) input voltage 24V/DC

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CCT Lumen lm  
3000K (Warm white) 2480 lm/m €147.49
4000K (Neutral white) 2560 lm/W €147.49

Weight 150 g
Size mm 10×1.5×5000
LED W 17.2W/m
CCT 4000K (Neutral white)
CRI >90
Lumen lm 2560 lm/W
Beam angle 120
Life hours ≥60.000
Warranty 5 years
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LED Strip Nichia 3030 24V 149lm/W Ra>90: where to put them

Super high quality and brightness LED strip 3030 24V Nichia Ra>90 give elegance to your spaces thanks to the high quality light and to the flexibility of this item.
Suitable for both indirect and direct general lighting thanks to the very high lumen they can emit. With LED strip lights 3030 you can realize light bladesstraight light lines and high effect led profiles.
You can use this wonderful LED strips everywhere: general house lighting, and professional lighting. They can be installed where lamps can not be put, they perfectly fit curved applications as they can be bended. They can reach places that a normal lamp could not reach, suitable to cover curves.

Super high quality and brightness LED Strip: how to choose them?

Our Strip lights have an excellent color temperature stability. We offer you warm white light 3000K and neutral white light 4000K. LED Strip 3030 guarantees the best light effect thanks to the high color render CRI>90.
They perfect fit residential applications, bars, wellness centers, hotels, restaurants, office and places where you need to create high quality lighting.
The strips are sold per reel and we can cut and wire them according to your installation needs (for more information please contact us).
Our LED strips can give brightness to your colors with a brilliant result. They have the ability to faithfully render the colors of the objects and give light to the environments providing high lumens.
The power consumption for this 3030 strip is only 17.2W/m for 2560lm/m at 4000K Ra>90 and has 80 LEDs per meter.

LED Strips 12V or 24V?

The strips market is wide and varied and not always provides useful items to make the best purchase choice. One of the main questions is whether it is best to buy 12V or 24V strips.
On DOMAGIC you can only find professional Strips which can produce high-quality lighting effects.
We offer 24V strips that can be plugged on to both ends: it is possible to avoid voltage drops even in applications where many meters of strips are used, ensuring perfect uniformity.
We can cut and weld the LED Strips, according to your request (please contact us for information).

Dimmable or non dimmable?

LED Strips can support dimmable function if you use a dimmable driver. You can decide to match this strip with a dimmable driver or a dimmer.

High quality components

This strip is made with a high quality Nichia LED chip Surface Mounted Device 3030. It is a flat diode with a 120 degree beam angle to be applied to a plan surface. We use high quality chips in order to offer you high color quality and color temperature stability along the years and also long lifespan. The back of the strip is made to fit to the surface or to the aluminium profiles to realize wonderful lighting blades.

24V LED Strips: how to apply them

The strips are extremely flexible and therefore adaptable on every kind of surface. If necessary, you can cut strips of different colors and assemble them for creative ideas and give personality to your environment.
Unlike classic lamps, with the stripes you also get tough and special lighting spots.
They provide a diffused light to fill the entire room, giving a uniform and decorative illumination at the same time.
By removing the protective paper for the adhesive, you can easily place them where you want with a little pressure on them you can apply to the surface.

Technical data:

  • 5 year warranty
  • Very good performances, high lumen and excellent color rendering (CRI>90)
  • LED Strip Model: Nichi 3030 SMD LED with 10mm PCB
  • Power: 17.2W/m
  • Input voltage: 24V/DC
  • Easy to apply
  • Strips can be cut every 100 mm (8 LEDs)
  • Dimming light with special light controller
  • IP rate: IP33
  • No need maintenance
  • High performances and high color rendering
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