LED Wall Light – Circle

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CCT Lumen lm Efficiency lm/W  
3000K (Warm white) 480 80 €75.17
4000K (Neutral white) 510 85 €75.17

Weight 600 g
Size mm 135x130x50
CCT 4000K (Neutral white)
Lumen lm 510
Efficiency lm/W 85
CRI >80
Beam angle Biemitting (uplight & downlight)
Dimmable No
Base Surface mounted
Life hours ≥50.000
Warranty 2 years
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LED wall CIRCLE. Surrounded by pure light.

When you are decorating your home, do not forget to furnish and illuminate the walls, choosing efficient lighting and design that will make your environment unique.
Essential in its style, round and elegant, the Circle wall-mounted LED is equipped with the best technology to guarantee high luminous performances. This wall-mounted LED has an integrated LED technology represented by the SMD LED chip which ensures a high luminous intensity (500 lumens), with a very low consumption of just 6W.
The excellent light output and the essential and compact shapes allow you to install this LED wall light in any type of wall. In addition, the aluminum body ensures proper heat dissipation and therefore guarantees the long life of the product over time. In fact, the AirLight technology allows the product to maintain very high performance even in intensive applications.

Circle LED applique: some installation tip

The round and soft shape of this LED wall lamp makes it perfect for any type of indoor application: living area, kitchen, bedroom, corridor, bathroom or as an accompanying lighting for your office. Its high performance and its shape will surprise you every day.
The integrated LED diffuses a uniform light cone and our eyes will be able to fully enjoy the light emitted by the lamp without risk of glare.

House bedrooms, hotel rooms, corridors

For your bedroom you can opt for a modern and essential LED wall lamp instead of the classic old-fashioned lamp, to make the environment more pleasant. The same style can be adopted for the guest rooms or the corridors of a hotel, the light of the Circle wall light will make every environment welcoming. The power of 6W will be perfect both for the use of the wall lamp in substitution of the classic lampshades, and for illuminating corridors and passage areas.
In the kitchen and open spaces combined with the living area, you can use more wall lamps to highlight the main areas in which you perform specific activities that require a greater supply of light such as the table, the worktop or the armchair where you usually read the your favorite book. In all these cases we recommend using the LED Circle applique as an accompaniment to the main lighting.

And the light of the bathroom?

The bathroom is an area of ​​the house where a lot of time is spent and in which actions that require a certain precision are carried out. In fact, we often complain about the lack of lighting when doing daily tasks such as make-up or shaving. This is why we also recommend products such as the Circle wall light that guarantees a high quality light output.

Circle LED applique: installation

Like the other wall lights for sale on DOMAGIC, the installation is very simple and suitable for any wall and environment. The product is equipped with a convenient fixing system on the back of the lamp. In short, you will be able to enjoy the light of Circle: a quality, uniform and decorative lighting at the same time.

Technical features:

  • Input voltage 90-305V AC
  • No need maintenance
  • Energy class A +
  • AirLight technology
  • LED applique made of aluminum
  • Double beam of soft light
  • Convenient installation, kit included
  • Applique suitable for indoor use: IP20 protection level
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