LED Strips 3528 9.6W 24V

5meter reel LED Strip 3528 120LED/m 9.6W/m input voltage 24V/DC

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CCT Lumen lm  
3000K (Warm white) 960 lm/m €29.97
4000K (Neutral white) 1040 lm/m €29.97

Weight 150 g
Size mm 8×1.8×5000
LED W 9.6W/m
CCT 4000K (Neutral white)
CRI >80
Lumen lm 1040 lm/m
Dimmable Supported
Beam angle 120
Life hours ≥36.000
Warranty 5 years
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Indoor 24V LED Strips: where to apply

The high brightness LED strips 3528 24V give elegance to any environment thanks to the high quality light and the product flexibility.
They can be applied to decorate the corners of a room emphasizing what you prefer, or simply to illuminate a wall, a work station or a stairwell.
The places where the product can be applied are very different: they are perfect for the decoration of kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, corridors, halls, multipurpose open space, waiting rooms, furniture, shelves. They reach places a normal lamp could not reach, even curves and rounded applications and are extremely discreet.

High-Brightness LED Strips: how to choose it

Our LED strips are characterized by the exceptional stability of the color temperature, whether it is 3000K or 4000K.
With colored strips the only limit is imagination and the range of use is also extended to situations that require color, customizing the environment as you prefer.
These features make the product applicable in enclosed spaces for high quality light with all the advantages and efficiency of the best LED technology.
Our 24V LED strips have the ability to faithfully render the colors of objects and ensure very high lumens.
The power consumption for this 3528 strip is 9.6W with 120 LEDs per meter.

LED Strip 12V or 24V?

The LED strip market is wide and varied and not always useful elements are provided to make the best purchase choice. One of the main questions is whether it is better to buy LED strips of 12V or 24V. On DOMAGIC, only professional LED strips are available, capable of producing high-quality light scenes.
We offer 24V strips that can be plugged on to both ends: it is possible to avoid voltage drops even in applications where many meters of strips are used, ensuring perfect uniformity.

Dimmable or non dimmable?

LED Strips can support dimmable function if you use a dimmable driver or a dimmer. You can decide to match this strip with a dimmable driver or a non dimmable driver (here you can find both solutions).

High quality components

This high quality LED strip are composed of a Surface Mounted Device chip, a flat diode with a thickness of 2 mm, with the emission of frontal light with a beam angle of 120°, developed to be applied on linear surfaces. They differ from the economic competitors because we use chips able to ensure high color fidelity, an exceptional color temperature stability over the time and a life expectancy above expectations.The back of the strip is developed to adhere perfectly to surfaces (we use glues of the 3M brand) and with high antioxidant power. It is thus possible to easily glue them on a surface or inside aluminum profiles to create elegant light blades or light profiles.

24V LED Strip: how to apply them

As mentioned, the strips are extremely flexible and consequently adaptable in any surface. If necessary, you can cut them of different colors and assemble them for imaginative ideas and give personality to an environment.
Unlike traditional lamps, with the strips you can reach even the most difficult and special lighting points.
They ensure a diffused light to fill the entire room, giving a uniform and decorative illumination at the same time.
By removing the protective paper for the adhesive, you can easily and with the utmost care, place them where you want by pressing a minimum pressure on them and applying them in the your area.

Technical data:

  • 5 year warranty
  • High performances and high color rendering (CRI>80)
  • LED Strip Model: 3528
  • Power: 9.6W
  • Input voltage: 24V/DC
  • Easy to apply
  • Strips can be cut every 50 mm (6 LEDs)
  • Dimming light with special light controller
  • IP rate: IP20
  • No need maintenance
  • High performances and high color rendering
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