Wall LED light – Dual

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Size mm LED W CCT Lumen lm Efficiency lm/W  
370x90x35 16 3000K (Warm white) 1280 80 €94.21
370x90x35 16 4000K (Neutral white) 1360 85 €94.21
530x90x35 24 3000K (Warm white) 1920 80 €122.76
530x90x35 24 4000K (Neutral white) 2040 85 €122.76

Weight g
Size mm 370x90x35
LED W 16
CCT 3000K (Warm white)
Lumen lm 1280
CRI >80
Beam angle Biemitting (uplight & downlight)
Base Surface mounted
Life hours ≥50.000
Warranty 2 years
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Biemitting LED Wall light with compact design: DUAL

Design applique wall LED DUAL indoor biemitting lightLED indoor wall light design DUAL is the biemitting LED light with a compact and essential design, perfect for those who want an efficient and high quality design lighting. Dual will give you a double beam of light, able to enrich your home color and illuminate the entire wall. This sturdy biemitting LED light is designed to ensure high lumens with minimum space. The body, made of aluminum, ensures perfect heat dissipation and guarantees long-lasting maintenance of the highest luminous performances.
DUAL has double light emitting sides and is presented in two different powers: 16W (1360 lumens) and 24W (2040 lumens).

Exceptional lifespan

Our wall-mounted LED lamps are also characterized by their extreme reliability. Dual has a service life of more than 50.000 hours. This means that you can really enjoy the right light for a long time without thinking about maintenance or replacement.

Warm white or neutral light?

DUAL is able to generate two light beams, one up and one down. Thanks to this applique you can furnish your home with style of having the right brightness, enhancing the colors of the environments you love most. This indoor wall light is available in two color temperatures expressed in Kelvin degrees, one warm white and the other neutral white. The warm white temperature gives the rooms a more welcoming atmosphere, while the neutral white temperature gives a greater brightness.


DUAL can also be customized in the color finish: in addition to the white color (standard) it is possible to configure the product in the color bronze, anthracite or corten. For those who want even more options we are also able to create the product with a customized RAL color finish (on request through our contact form).

Technical features:

  • Warranty 2 years
  • Input voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Energy savings up to 90%
  • Biemitting LED light
  • Compact dimensions
  • No need maintenance
  • Compact and essential design
  • Aluminum body for wall installation
  • Light without UV and infrared rays
  • Driver included
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