Turn on the light when come back home and your old light is weak, hot and yellow…
With Domagic you will find a different light for your eyes with beautiful colors and high performances.Get your chance to save money and energy costs!

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Common LED light is a directional light source that bases on flat substrate which restricts the beam angle of the light and makes a shadow in the base
While, our LED Spot with patented StereoteQ+ technology makes a breakthrough on this with new LED chip that achieves 330° beam angle as to give you very high LED lighting performances and cost savings
Professional LED Bulb 8W StereoteQ+ can make a very large luminous flux to give to your places the best light and atmosphere.
That makes LED much more flexible and widely used with more than 80% energy saving
Usually, a light bulb with a common light modifies and changes the true colours of your items and cannot catch and highlight the most beautiful details
Our items with UltraCOLOR technology have an innovative and original LED chip that intensifies each materials giving brightness and depth
It ever happen that light bulbs reach very high temperatures because of bad dissipation materials and technology. For that reason the performances of your light decrease and you will throw away that light bulb very soon
Our AirLight technology allows good heat dissipation with very high performances of the LED light and long lifespan
Long time facing with traditional light brings you tired and strained eyes. In fact, many times happens that you need to turn off the light and relax your eyes or change places and find a different light, the most similar to the outdoor and sun light
Our special Eye Feeling lens avoid eye strain caused by an intense use of the eyes and they eliminate the dazzling of the sight. In fact, they are the best LED lighting solution for each place and office where people work most of the day

Choose DOMAGIC because

Unique items with long lifespan. Our solutions will fulfil your projects with special LED lights designed for you. Modern style and special professional solutions developed to give you high performances thanks to DOMAGIC technology, the best you can currently find on the market! Find here below what we can do to support you with LED light!

  • Customized service for high quality business projects
  • Updated catalogues with all kinds of LED lights suitable for houses, offices, hotels, industries
  • A green touch according to the law in order to reduce CO2 emissions and save money by decreasing energy costs
  • No UV and IR
  • No flicker
  • Safe products to defend human health
  • Customer support in order to make the best choice based on your need


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